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Amana Travel and Amana for Hajj and Umrah has been serving customers since 2005. Despite our new beginning, by the blessing of Almighty Allah first, then our honesty and desire to serve, Amana Travel has risen to a high standard within the Muslim community in the United States of America. We offer cheap Umrah and Hajj packages  

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The performance of Hajj is obligatory upon every Muslims provided that he or she is financially and physically able to perform it. One needs to have sufficient funds available to make arrangements for the trip and be healthy enough to perform all the rituals. Those Muslims who fulfill these requirements, on them it is obligatory to offer Hajj at least once in their lifetime.

As of June 2021, women of all ages can now register for Hajj without a male guardian as long as they go in a group with other women.


Saudi authorities forbid the taking of photographs (still or video, including those taken with your phone) at the Holy Mosque at Mecca or at the Prophet's Mosque at Medina. Any violation of official instructions is likely to lead to the confiscation of your device. Please exercise good judgment and respect the rules of each site.

  1. Hunting or taking part in anything related to hunting of animals
  2. Having sexual intercourse not even its preliminaries
  3. Cutting of nails, or shaving of head or facial hairs
  4. Covering of head in any way
  5. Use of socks or gloves for any reason
  6. Wearing any kind of stitched clothes even no underwear is allowed
  7. Wearing any kind of perfume or deodorant
  8. Wearing clothes that give some kind of scent or that are washed in detergents that give aroma to the clothes
    • There is one Adhan.
    • Iqama is made for Maghrib.
    • Takbir is made for Maghrib Fardh Salah and three Rakats are performed.
    • After the prayer is completed, while standing, recite Takbir al-Tashreeq.
    • Iqama is made for Isha Salah.
    • Takbir is made for Isha Fardh Salah and two Rakats are performed.
    • After the prayer is completed, recite Takbir al-Tashreeq and Talbiyah.
    • No additional Nafl (optional) prayers are performed before or after these prayers.
    • Witr Salah is performed thereafter.

      ​The word Ihram is derived from the Arabic verb harama (Arabic: حرم), which means “to be forbidden”. It refers to a state of purity the pilgrim is required to be in to perform Hajj, Umrah or both before entering the perimeter of Makkah. After having made the intention for Ihram, the pilgrim must abide by its prohibitions. An individual in the state of Ihram is known as a Muhrim, literally meaning “one who has made things forbidden upon himself.” The two-piece garment worn by men is also referred to as the Ihram.

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    Experience a journey like no other with Mohamed Mahmoud, the proprietor of Amana Travel for Hajj and Umrah! With an unwavering commitment to excellence, Mohamed tirelessly endeavors to provide his customers with unparalleled services. Choose Amana Travel to fulfill your pilgrimage dreams, and rest assured that you are working with the best in the industry.

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